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Ally Bank - 8 spots

National Ally® Bank

National Lowe's - 2 spots

National Trident Layers™ Gum 

Time Warner Cable spot with Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jimmy Johnson

Certain-Dri National 

Ashes to Ashes' by Harold Pinter

part of Devlin with Cresent 

Theatre Company

National Hershey Chocolate

National Sony PlayStation®

National Sears® commercial 

National Motorola commercial

Maryland Lottery commercial

National Dodge® commercial

Magnum station wagon

National Frito-Lay commercial

National AT&T commercial

Japanese commercial for

Nikko Cordial shot with 

Ichiro Suzuki of the

Seattle Mariners



Recent Work

One Life to Live 

– Frank Jones

Pelican Park children’s TV show

Fleet Bank

Memphis Cigarettes 

print ad European market



Best Western

Friendly’s Restaurants 

Ski Doo

Bombardier snowmobiles


Drive Time 

American Heart Association

Wheel of Fortune 

PNC Bank

Delta Dental

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